Vote Early!

The 2018 Election Has Begun –Vote Early!

If you can’t vote on November 6, early voting has already started!  You can vote in person – including Saturday, November 3rd, from 10-3.

Option 1 – In Person

  • If you are already registered to vote, you can vote early up to the day before the election (Nov. 6).
  • If you are not registered to vote, you can pre-register anytime between now and Oct. 16th.
    • You can register online OR in person when you go to vote.
    • If you register in person at the locations below, you will need either proof of residency (ID) or you can bring a registered voter from your precinct with you and have that person “vouch” for you.

You can vote in person at the following places, during normal business hours:

  • Dayton City Hall, 12260 Diamond Lake Rd. S., Dayton
  • Maple Grove Gov’t Center, 12800 Arbor Lakes Parkway N., Maple Grove
  • Rogers Community Room, 21201 Memorial Dr., Rogers

Option 2 – By Mail

  • Request a ballot online (it can printed or mailed to you)

  • Follow the requirements carefully (you must have a Minnesota voter or notary sign a form)

  • Return the ballot by mail or in person by Nov 5 to:
    Hennepin County Government Center
    300 South 6th Street PSL012
    Minneapolis, MN  55487-0012